Customer Success Story : NEATORAMA

How One of the Largest blog in the Southern California Grows On Pinterest?

+97% Avg. Daily Viewers
+150% Avg. Daily Repins
+43% Avg Daily Visitors
+110% Avg. Daily Impressions

Neatorama is one of the world's largest blogs with a long list of authors, including social media director Jill Harness, who was an early adopter of ViralWoot's pin scheduling tool. Blogging is a very visual medium, the best blogs have a lot of images to accompany their posts. These images are engaging, but also bring the post to life. For a blog, each pin is a mini post, and each board is a category on your blog.


Pinterest for bloggers is just like a pictorial version of their blog where each pin is a mini post, and each board is a category of your blog. Thus, Pinterest needs same amount of attention as you give to your blog. This is where Neatorama was falling behind. Pinning takes time. When you are supposed to pin round the clock, you need to be on pinterest 24*7. Thus, they were missing an opportunity to drive traffic on their blog.


When Neatorama joined Viralwoot, September 21, 2014. They were looking for tool that could assist them in saving their time and at the same time can promote their content.

“I love Viralwoot’s pin scheduling tool. It is incredibly helpful and lets me share pins throughout the day when my fans are online, not just while I’m online.”

Viralwoot’s Pin Scheduler improved their Pin posting frequency. The promotion and analytics features of Viralwoot assisted Neatorama, time to time, to engage, track and optimize their Pinterest performance and growth. Since then Viralwoot has become the optimal solution for their all Pinterest related issues.

“I honestly don’t know how my metrics have been doing since I joined Viralwoot. All I know is that it saves me a tons of time and effort and I never want to go back to direct posting on Pinterest again.”


Being our loyal user for last 2 years, they have been the part Viralwoot’s journey from Viralwoot to Viralwoot 2.0. Neatorama feels very contented to use Viralwoot.

But Viralwoot is inevitably passionate to see their wonderful client’s business growing. Here is some stats to backup -

Daily growth in numbers

Neatorama Pinterest Profile

Percentage change in 'Impressions'


Percentage change in 'Engagement'


Percentage change in 'Viewers'


Neatorama Pinterest to Website traffic

Percentage change in 'Impressions'


Percentage change in 'Clicks'


Percentage change in 'Viewers'


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Traffic on my blog from Pinterest doubled and repins increased by 560% within 24 hours of using Pinwoot (now, ViralWoot).

Jeff Sieh

Jeff SiehHis Design, Inc

Over the past four months, I have seen my referral traffic from Pinterest go up by approximately 50%, every month.

Mike Allton

Mike AlltonChief Marketing Officer, The Social Media Hat

A Super Easy Tool to Snag More Followers on Pinterest and Build your Social Network.

The App Times

I like getting new followers through ViralWoot, but I find the scheduling feature to be the most beneficial.

Jill Harness

Jill HarnessWriter and Editor @ Neatorama