Automate Your Etsy Shop Marketing

Etsy Growth bot works like your social media marketer & automatically promotes your products on your social media accounts. Just configure it once and it will start working & learning on auto-pilot. Sit back, relax & see new visitors on your shop everyday.

🎉 Growth Bot is an Etsy approved app & listed on Etsy. We are using artificial intellience to provide you an intern who works 24/7 365 days & automatically learns from the performance of social media posts it publishes. Growth Bot is 100% safe, legal & very effective.

Growth Bot is your 24/7 Social Media Intern

Use different in-built tools to promote, post and analyze social media posts about your products - while saving time and efforts.

Automate Pinterest Marketing

Promote your Pinterest profile & pins. Automatically post your products on Pinterest & get complete analysis on how you are doing on Pinterest.

Automate Twitter Marketing

Setup Twitter growth bots to let bot find right content for you & tweet it. Also, automatically tweet your products at regular intervals.

Automate Facebook Marketing

Setup growth bot to let bot find right content for you & share on Facebook for you. Also, automatically share your products at regular intervals.

Automate Instagram Marketing

Automatically post your Etsy producst on your Instagram account at regular intervals to attract more customers to your store.

How Etsy Growth Bot works?

Once you create your free account, we fetch your Etsy products. Then, you connect your social media networks where you want to promote your products (Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram)

Now, you can set the rules for bot like how many posts per day for different social networks, which Pinterest board to post on and so on. And, that's it. The growth bot will start working for you day & night.

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What are the benefits of using Viralwoot?

Capitalize on low hanging fruit by becoming 24/7 visible among your current and prosepctive customers.

Automate Growth

We will make sure that your products remain visible and discoverable all the time - autoamtically.

Unmatched Performance

Thanks to our rich experience in building scalable social media marketing platforms, you get access to most advanced yet economical promotion toolkit.

Insightful Analytics

Once we know something, we find it hard to imagine what it was like not to know it. Track your Pinterest performance & traffic that bot generates for you to find what's working & what's not.

Your 24/7 Workforce

Your growth bot will work for you round the clock. So, attract more customers even when you are not working.

Choose Right Direction

Our growth bots use machine learning to post your products at the right time on the right platform to generate best results.

Increase your Sales

If your business is active 24/7 and you're posting content at the right time, nothing can stop you from increasing your sales :)

How much does this cost?

Use limited version of Etsy growth bot for Free (forever!).

To empower your growth bot to promote more products per day (& also, post on Instagram) & track analytics, you may upgrade to our plans starting at $10/mo only.

Ready to Sign Up?

You are just few minutes away from getting yourself a 24/7 social media assisstant who will be working silently in the background and help you grow your store traffic, visibiliy and consequently, sales.

It takes 2 minutes to setup growth bot for your store. Track traffic & posts in real time.