The Viralwoot Content Manager is an extremely useful tool. A few advantages of using a content manager are-

Create Pinterest Boards directly without visiting Pinterest!

createboard Viralwoot

To create a board

  • Go to the Create Board tab
  • Enter the name, description, and category
  • Choose the privacy of the board
  • Click the “Create Board” button

Your Board is now ready to use!

Manage your Pinterest Boards


  • You can make changes to any of your Pinterest boards on this page.
  • Find the Board you want to edit
  • Click on “Edit” to see the existing details of that Board
  • Make the modifications
  • Click on the “Update” Button
  • Your Boards have been updated!

Manage Pins


  • Bulk edits Pins and saves loads of time!
  • Select your Pins
  • Click on “Edit Pins” to see the current details
  • Make the desired changes for singular or multiple Pins
  • Click on “Edit Pins” to save these changes

Your Pin(s) have been successfully updated!

Drip Pinning


  • Reincarnate old Pins & schedule new Pins to your feed to increase your followers, repins or likes.
  • Find the Board whose Pins you wish to use
  • Click on “Create Drip” to select some options
  • Select the Number of Pins
  • Add some well suited Hash Tags (max 5) and choose whether you want to delete your old pins
  • Click on “Create Drip” to begin dripping your old Pins

You can also drip new Pins in the same manner.

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