What does Viralwoot do?

Viralwoot is a complete visual Pinterest suite that empowers you with (Pinterest Promotions, Pinterest Influencer Manager, Pinterest Content Manager, Pinterest Analytics, Pinterest Scheduling & Web insights) to deliver visually driven traffic and revenue for your business.

What is Credit? How it works in Viralwoot?

Credit (Formerly seed) is the currency of Viralwoot. If you want to get followers or promote pins and get repins or likes, you spend credits just like you spend dollars to buy stuff in market. If you follow someone or repin a pin or like a pin or invite someone to Viralwoot, you earn credits.

When you connect your Pinterest account to Viralwoot, your Pinterest account start appearing to other Pinterest users on Viralwoot. And, if someone follows you, your credits are used. You can set the value of credits that you want to offer per follow from Account Settings page. The more credits you offer, the more quickly you get new followers. Similar is the case with getting repins or likes for your pins.

As long as you have credits in your account, you will getting followers or repins or likes. You can earn credits or to save time and efforts & unlock some useful features, you can buy credits in bulk.


How to get more value out of Viralwoot?

This is purely a subjective question as Viralwoot is a complete Pinterest suite that offers (Pinterest promotions, Influencers engagements, Content managment & Pinterest analytics) to people who belong from different industries (individuals, publishers, businesses and agencies). But in order to get the most out of Viralwoot you can either subscribe to a plan or subscribe to an application that suits you best and fulfills your requirement.

Got some more questions then, we’re here to help, you can always contact us at our helpdesk 🙂

I am getting an “Oops! Hourly limit reached” error while following users, repinning a pin or liking a pin?

This error comes when you have already followed an equivalent number of people allowed by pinterest for that particular hour. It happens to keep your account safe from being flagged as a spam account. ViralWoot has no certain information about the maximum hourly limit of Pinterest as traffic on Pinterest varies every hour.

But we do provide you a safe come back time to restart your activities till then, sit back, relax and see new Pinterest followers coming in 🙂

What is Influencer Manager?

Influencer Manager is a ViralWoot app that helps you find and engage pinners to spread your brand on Pinterest. Here you can create different campaigns and contests, and manage influencer tasks and payments using one platform.

ViralWoot users who meet the campaign’s criteria are notified when it goes live and can choose to participate.

What is Content Manager?

Content Manager is the perfect tool for implementing SEO on your Pinterest account. You can create, search or bulk edit your boards and pins directly within Viralwoot.

Plus you can refresh your old pin with Drip Pinning. Drip Pinning allows you to republish old Pins to gain added exposure and, if you choose, delete the old ones.

How to earn credits on Viralwoot?

You can earn credits by either of the three ways:

  • You can follow someone and credits he/she will be offering gets credited in your account immediately.
  • You can follow a board and credits offered by the owner of that board will gets credited in your account immediately.
  • You can like a pin/repin a pin and credits he/she will be offering gets credited in your account immediately.

Can I get a refund?

We do not provide refunds on subscription plans.  Section 9b of our Terms of Use state the following:

By starting your Subscription, you are expressly agreeing that Viralwoot is authorized to charge you a Subscription fee to the Payment Method you provided during registration.

It is the customer’s responsibility to review the terms and contact Viralwoot helpdesk if clarification is required prior to agreeing to the terms.

If the customer does not want to continue with the subscription plan, the option to cancel is available on the subscription page.