If you haven’t done so already,  switch to the Pinterest account you wish to be active. Here’s how to create and manage campaign within ViralWoot:

  1. Click on Influencer Manager in the sidebar.
  2. Click on Create Campaign in the submenu that appears in the sidebar.

create campaign

  1. Fill the required information on the first tab, About Campaign. This tab contains basic campaign information, like campaign name and description (visible to everyone) whether you need a dedicated board and from which website pinners should pin images. Hover your mouse over the question mark icon to find out more about each field. When you’re finished, click on the Next button in the lower right to move to the subsequent tab.

    Create Influencer Campaign

  2. The Campaign Details tab is where you enter specific campaign information like the number of pinners and pins, campaign start and dates, and category. You can also set a minimum number of followers that an influencer needs to have. ViralWoot will calculate and estimate the price of your campaign based on the information provided.

    Create Influencer Campaign Details

  3. On the Confirm & Pay tab, you need to check off the terms and conditions box and press Finish to pay for your plan and have it activated as per your requirements.

Create Influencer Campaign Confirm

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