Promoting a Pin is fast and simple; all you need is the Pinterest URL of the Pin you want to promote. If you haven’t done so already,  switch to the Pinterest account you wish to be active.

Here’s how to promote a Pin using ViralWoot:

  1. Click on the Promote with credits tab in the sidebar.
  2. Click on Create Promotion in the submenu.
  3. Click on the Promote Pins tab in the main area of the screen.
  4. Paste your URL into the field.
  5. Click the Promote This Pin button.


If you have any question, you can always contact us at our helpdesk.


  1. Michelle Christensen

    How long should it talke before seeing any efect after promoting a pin? (i sat it to 5 credits per repin)
    had it for some hours now, and nothing seems to happen! (sorry i’m new to Viralwoot haha)

    Thank you

  2. Aditya Sharma Article Author

    Hey Michelle!

    Thanks a million for writing us at our help-center. Actually it depends on two things how optimized your pins are plus how many credits you’re offering because we have hundred of users who are offering the same 5 credits per pin so visibility of your pins are comparatively less to those who are offering 15 credits per pin. But I’d like to share a quick tip: Make sure that whichever pin you promote here on Viralwoot should have predefined categories.

    I’m sure that not all things can be explained over here so why don’t we jump on quick chat to let you know more about how Viralwoot works. You can reach out to me directly at:

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