More than one person can use Viralwoot to manage a Pinterest account. That’s great in cases where multiple people are responsible for account management. You decide who to invite to each specific account you manage, so there’s never a worry about giving someone “blanket access” to all the accounts under your control. Here’s how you invite someone to join your team on Viralwoot when you’re at the dashboard.

Click on Pinterest Accounts in the left sidebar. Then click on the + sign beside the Pinterest account to which you want to invite a team member.

How to Invite a Team Member on Viralwoot

Fill in the information in the fields that appear in the pop-up window, hit the Invite Team Member button and they will receive an email in their inbox with a heading similar to this one:

Invite Team Member Email

Upon opening the email, the recipient will see an invitation including their Viralwoot credentials. All they need to do is click on the Accept Invitation button and they can begin managing the account to which they have been invited.

Invite Team Member Email

If you’re already in a Pinterest account on Viralwoot you can access the same invitation screen by clicking on Manage Members in the left sidebar.

Team Members Viralwoot

Then follow the same procedure to invite a team member to this account.

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