Social media platform is constantly changing to keep you updated with ever-changing image size and format. I have created the perfect size guide for Pinterest because it’s important to optimize your business, brand and profile with right image size to stand out in the sea of images.

Profile Image Size

165pixels x 165pxiels

It is important that your logo and headshot must fit within this size because it represents your brand image.

Board Cover

217pixels x 146pxiels

Pinterest board is your visual portfolio. You need to make your pins perfect in size and appealing to make people repin images. Good quality images with right size get higher ranking on Pinterest as compared to images that don’t fit within these boundaries.

Optimum Pin Size for feed (Search / Explore view)

238px wide x by any height

Fuzzy and cut off images not look nice to users. Your images need to be in correct size as Pins will be adjusted to fit a preview on the homepage newsfeed to maintain their proportion and clarity.

Expanded Pins

738px wide x by any height

When user clicks on images from the smart feed, pins expand to a full size of 738px & can be as long as you like. Longer images tend to do well as they are perfect for DIY instruction, recipes. Fashion tips etc.

Note: All dimensions in pixels

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