ViralWoot makes it easy to execute the technical aspects of an influencer campaign. Read How Can I Create A Campaign to learn how to set up a Pinterest campaign in ViralWoot.

Get started with Influencer management

However, there are a few strategic decisions you should make first before you publicize your campaign.

  1. What is the goal of your campaign? Stick with just one goal against which you can evaluate your success. Too many goals for one campaign usually conflict and produce less than stellar results.
  2. What is your budget? ViralWoot will calculate an estimate based on information you have entered during campaign setup. However, you should have an idea ahead of time as to how much you can afford.
  3. How will you motivate people to participate? Decide how to reward those who take part in your campaign. Prizes don’t necessarily have to cost you a lot. However, there must be sufficient perceived value to justify their participation.
  4. Do you need a dedicated board? Some campaigns require influencers to create a dedicated board on their profile with a specific name. While there are many good reasons to make this request, be aware that this creates extra friction and may reduce participation levels.
  5. What images do you want influencers to pin? Providing a set of images from which they can choose makes sharing easier. Simultaneously, it allows greater control over the quality of images that get pinned. All in all, this make it an advantage for both brand and influencer.
  6. How many influencers do you want participating in the campaign? The greater the number of influencers, the higher the cost.
  7. How many pins are required by each pinner? The more pins, the higher the cost.
  8. How long will the campaign run? Brief but intense campaigns last only a few days typically cost more than ones that have a few weeks to achieve the same result.
  9. Will you require influencer to meet a minimum follower count? Setting a lower limit for follower count may contribute to achieving your campaign objectives, but keep in mind this will increase your overall cost.

If this is your first time running an influencer campaign, it’s a good idea to keep costs reasonable and run a small test campaign to evaluate your results. Use that data to make improvements the next time around.

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