Viralwoot’s recently launched iOS app allows you to schedule Instagram posts at anytime you wish.

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As you may know, Instagram does not allow outside apps to post directly to Instagram. So while Viralwoot can’t do the posting for you, we’re excited to help you at every step. Viralwoot for Instagram works by sending a notification to your phone when it’s time to post.

Before you can start scheduling, there are 2 things you need to take care of-

  • The Instagram app should be installed on your device and your account should be set up
  • Notifications from the Viralwoot app should be permitted

The process is extremely quick and simple and it will make your Instagram posting much more convenient and efficient.

STEP 1: Select an image from your phone that you want to post. Once you do that, you will arrive at the details page.

enter details

Enter the description and link for the image as shown above. You have to check one more thing here, make sure the toggle for the Instagram account is ‘On’ as shown below.

insta details

STEP 2: Click ‘Next’ at the top right to schedule this post. If you are only scheduling this post for Instagram, you will directly be guided to the date and time selection page, shown below.

enter schedule

Select the date and time for the post using the Calendar and the time wheels. Make sure you pick the most optimum time and date, based on your audience.

STEP 3: You will now receive a notification from the Viralwoot app at the scheduled date and time. Once you click on the notification, you will automatically be redirected to your Instagram profile where your post will be ready to post, including the description and link you filled. Just click ‘Post’ and your job is done!

Scheduling on Instagram is extremely important for your SEO and activity. Posting regularly improves your visibility and reach on Instagram and helps you get more followers.

If you need any help or want to offer a suggestion, don’t be shy to contact us.

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