1. Boards

A board is a collection of Pins of a user, which is based on a common topic or is a part of the same category. A user has to specify the name, description, category, privacy and an optional collaborator for each new board. Be careful not to spam your boards with wrong or irrelevant Pins.

  1. Group Boards

A group board works like a regular Pinterest board. The only difference is that along with the board creator, other people are also allowed to Pin on the board. Group boards go under many different names – shared boards, contributor boards, community boards and collaborative boards. Group boards are very useful in widening your reach and influence on Pinterest.


Any Pinterest user may choose to follow a topic, Pinner or board, if he/she shares the same interests and tastes. Once a user follows you, your follower count will increase by one and the follower will see your Pins on his feed. Viralwoot can help you get more followers automatically, by promoting your Pins and boards!

  1. Following

You can follow boards, Pinners or topics on Pinterest. Whenever you do so, your following count will increase by one and you will see the Pinner’s Pins on your feed.

  1. Pins

Any image you post on Pinterest is posted in the form of a Pin. Each Pin has a description, a link to the source website and an associated board. The total number of Pins in your account (including repins) are displayed on your Pinterest homepage. Scheduling Pins on Viralwoot can make your Pinterest profile much easier to manage and more profitable.

  1. Repins

Any image you have re-posted or saved from Pinterest to your profile is known as a repin. Popular Pins will be repined the most by other users.


A user can like any Pin on Pinterest. The heart button present at the top-right of every Pin can be clicked to like the Pin. More likes translate to more followers of your profile and more traffic.

  1. Pinfluence Score

Your Pinfluence score is a score out of 100 that uses values such as the number of followers you have, the number of boards you have, the number of Pins you have Pinned and many other such statistics to give you an overall image of your account’s activity, influence and your reach on Pinterest. A high Pinfluence score helps you get the most out of your Pinterest account.

  1. Promotional credit

Promotional credits are fiduciary tokens that you can use on Viralwoot to promote your Pins and boards. In exchange for credits, you can get more followers, likes and repins on your Pinterest account or you can schedule more pins on Viralwoot. You can earn credits very simply by following Pinners, liking Pins or by inviting your friends to Viralwoot. You can also choose to buy credits at a very nominal rate.

  1. Viralwoot Chrome extension

Now you can schedule Pins from anywhere on the Internet! Just install the Viralwoot Chrome extension and whenever you see an image on a page you wish to schedule, click the extension in the extension bar, select the images you wish to schedule from that page and click on the SCHEDULE PINS button to schedule these images directly onto Pinterest.

  1. Viralwoot Bookmarklet

The Viralwoot bookmarklet is a very handy tool that can be used to schedule images with just one click! Every image you see on a webpage will have a “schedule” button at the top left of the image. Just click this button to schedule Pins on Pinterest directly via Viralwoot.

  1. Pin Scheduling

Pin scheduling is a feature offered on Viralwoot that can make your Pinterest life simpler and effective. You can choose when to post your Pins on Pinterest, either by manually selecting a date and time or by letting us post the Pin for you automatically at the best date and time (determined by analysing your activity on Pinterest using the Viralwoot smart engine).

  1. Drip Pinning

Drip Pinning is a premium feature which is a part of the content manager add-on offered by us. This extremely useful feature can be used to reincarnate old Pins or to schedule new Pins to your feed to increase your followers, repins or likes. You can take advantage of your most popular Pins by drip Pinning them and exposing them to Pinners that may not have seen them before. Just select the number of Pins you wish to drip and fill in the hashtags that describe your old Pins. These Pins will then be drip Pinned on Pinterest automatically. Pretty cool, huh?

  1. Viralwoot Calendar

Once you have scheduled your Pins, head over to the calendar to see a simple and organized view of your schedule and the Pins you have set to schedule. You can even change the date and time of these Pins.

  1. Save button

The “SAVE” button on Pinterest has been made to make Pinning an image much easier. With one click, a user can post any image from a website onto his Pinterest profile. A save button can be added to any image on your website by inserting a couple of lines of code. Visit the link below if you want to know more.

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