Viralwoot for Business currently offers two analytic categories covering seven areas:

Pinterest Analytics:

  • Influence score: This score evaluates your Pinterest presence and offers some ways to improve. A few things that we suggest are :
    • Pin frequently, especially during the hours suggested under Best Pinning Time tab.
    • Promote your pins to boost engagement and help get discovered organically on Pinterest.
  • Basic stats: Important account metrics that you should monitor.
  • Boards data: Number of boards you have on Pinterest and how they are performing.
  • Spam & SEO check: It shows snippets of what’s been happening over the past days. There are charts including boards by type and pins by type, which can be modified to display different metrics.
  • Best pinning mode: We analyze your Pinterest data to discover the best possible modes for a particular account; like the best day to pin, the best time to pin, and best performing colors.
  • Google analytics:  There are charts for activities, which can be modified to display different metrics fetched from google analytics.

Website Insights:

  • Figure out which content on your site is getting the most Pins so you know what content resonates best with your audience.
  • Discover the content that is trending on your site by examining recent Pin activity.
  • Learn who are the most active pinners on your site so you can spend time efficiently engaging with those who matter most.

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