Viralwoot for Business currently offers two analytic categories covering seven areas:

Pinterest Analytics:

  • Influence score: This score evaluates your Pinterest presence and offers some ways to improve. A few things that we suggest are :
    • Pin frequently, especially during the hours suggested under Best Pinning Time tab.
    • Promote your pins to boost engagement and help get discovered organically on Pinterest.
  • Basic stats: Important account metrics that you should monitor.
  • Boards data: Number of boards you have on Pinterest and how they are performing.
  • Spam & SEO check: It shows snippets of what’s been happening over the past days. There are charts including boards by type and pins by type, which can be modified to display different metrics.
  • Best pinning mode: We analyze your Pinterest data to discover the best possible modes for a particular account; like the best day to pin, the best time to pin, and best performing colors.
  • Google analytics:  There are charts for activities, which can be modified to display different metrics fetched from google analytics.

Website Insights:

  • Figure out which content on your site is getting the most Pins so you know what content resonates best with your audience.
  • Discover the content that is trending on your site by examining recent Pin activity.
  • Learn who are the most active pinners on your site so you can spend time efficiently engaging with those who matter most.


  1. Cellulitis

    I learn about viralwoot in youtube tutorial but I can’t see the analyze. what should I do to it appear?
    I just add my accout in your web… help me

      1. Cellulitis

        Thanks for support !!.
        but viralwoot can help me auto follow who like or pin my pin? cause I want get more follower. what tips for pinterest promotion about credit for frofile, pin or broad?

        1. Sanjay Negi

          Hi Cellulitis,

          Yes Viralwoot has auto-follow feature that allows you to earn credits by following other Pinterest influencers, repinning their content and following their boards.

          People who like your pin and repin it, are interested in your content so they might follow you and to get their attention your can offer more credits in promotion settings, it will increase your visibility among influencers and you will get more followers. Also if you are out of credits, you can buy them from here

          We regularly share Pinterest marketing and promotion tips at our blog

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