1. Aditya Sharma Article Author

    Hi Nina,

    There is a quick fix for this pins failing issue as well as to authorization failed issue:

    To fix authorization failed: Right next to authorization failed you will see a fix button just click on that and it will redirect you to a page where you just have to enter your Pinterest details & once you’re done then you’re ready to schedule your Pins once again 🙂

    To fix failed pins: Just go to manage pins under it click failed pins. Edit them with their desired (date, time & board) & voila they are ready to go again 🙂

    If you want to remove your Pinterest account then, just share your Pinhandle with me at: & I’ll remove it manually 🙂    

    1. Aditya Sharma Article Author

      Hey Susan,

      There is a quick fix for this issue:

      Just enter into your Pinterest account & at the top right corner you will see a settings icon just click on that further on Reconnect Pinterest account once you do that you’ll automatically be redirected to Viralwoot dashboard asking about your Pinterest account details (email, password) just fill these details and we’ll automatically add your Pinterest account with your Viralwoot account.

      Please let me know in case you face any trouble again.

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